Houston Texans Kids Triathlon

Sat April 23 - Sun April 24, 2022 Katy, TX 77494 US Directions
Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to questions that are frequently asked by both first time participants and those that have been in the sport of triathlon for a while. Please make sure you read through all the FAQs prior to sending questions.

  • What's included in my child's registration? 
  • Can I select long or short course for my child? 
    • No. Because this is a USA Triathlon-sanctioned event we have to abide by their youth rules which means all children are automatically assigned to a race distance based on their USAT age. Short course participants must have a USAT age of 6-10 years old while long course participants must have a USAT age of 11-17 years old.
  • What is my child's USAT age? 
    • USA Triathlon calculates age groups based on your child's age as of 12/31 the year of the event.
  • Why do I have to have a USAT membership? 
    • All participants are required to have a USAT membership. Youth annual memberships are $10 and can be used for any USAT-sanctioned event for an entire year, 12 months from when you purchased your membership.
  • What is registration insurance? 
    • Registration insurance is offered through a third party provider, Allianz, and must be purchased at the time of registration. The insurance covers your registration fees if you are unable to attend the event for a variety of reasons. To make a claim you must follow the directions sent to you be Allianz.
  • What is covered by registration insurance? 
  • I need to claim my registration insurance. How do I do that? 
    • Please follow the instructions sent by Allianz in your insurance confirmation email (separate from your event registration confirmation email). We cannot process any claims or answer any specific questions about registration insurance. It is all handled through Allianz.
  • Do you offer a competitive or (x-class) at this event? 
    • No. Because this event is part of the USAT Youth Triathlon Series and Series points are accumulated all children will be placed in either the Short Course or Long Course division. We do, however, use the information provided during the registration process to see the children in the time trial swim start so competitive athletes can seed themselves further up into the start line. See the Swim Start section on the RACE COURSE page for more details about the swim start. 
  • What is the difference between the Saturday & Sunday event? 
    • There are two main differences between the Saturday and Sunday event:
      1. The Saturday event includes a Splash & Dash so kids who either don't have a bike or aren't comfortable on a bike in a competition setting can still participate in the event.
      2. The Saturday event includes a private park opening only for participants (entrance included in registration fee) and their families/friends (additional tickets available for purchase). After the Sunday event concludes the waterpark will open for general admission so season ticket holders can utilize their already purchased waterpark season tickets without purchasing additional tickets. For more FAQ answers about the waterpark tickets please see the POST RACE WATERPARK TICKETS section below.
  • What if my child wants to participate in both the Saturday & Sunday event?
    • We are offering discounted registration for those who want to compete on Saturday and Sunday. Those completing both day's events will earn special recognition and prizes at the awards ceremony. Check out the TEXAS DOUBLE page for details. 
  • When is packet pickup (PPU)? 
    • See the PACKET PICKUP page for details. Packets cannot be picked up before or after the times listed on this page unless you've purchased race morning packet pickup. If you arrive early to packet pickup we WILL NOT be able to provide your child's packet until the designated start time.
  • Can I pick up my child's packet on race morning? 
    • Limited spots for race morning packet pickup is available for purchase. Only those that have purchased race morning packet pickup will be allowed to pick up on race morning, all others must be picked up at one of the scheduled packet pickups.
  • I can't make PPU, what do I do? 
    • You’ll need to purchase race morning packet pickup.
  • Can a friend or family member pick up my child's packet? 
    • No. Per USA Triathlon rules, only legal guardians of a minor 17 years or younger may pick up a packet for a registered participant. You must show legal photo ID. See PACKET PICKUP page for additional details.
  • Do I need to bring my child's USAT card to PPU? 
    • No, our registration system automatically handles USAT membership verification.
  • What comes in my child's packet?
  • What if I get home and am missing something?
    • Please contact us using the CONTACT THIS RACE button at the bottom of this page. 
  • Where do I put all these stickers and tattoos? 
  • How do I put the timing chip on the strap? 
  • Can I change my child's shirt size at PPU? 
    • No. We order all the items in advance and base our orders off your selection during registration, changes made at packet pickup may result in someone else not receiving what they ordered. If you wish to exchange an item, you may try to do so after the event at the volunteer check-in tent if we have leftover items.
  • Where can I find Race Morning PPU info? 
    • Race morning packet pickup info can be found on the PACKET PICKUP page.
  • If I purchased race morning PPU can I still get my child's packet during normal PPU times? 
    • Yes. You can pick up your packet anytime. Please make sure you let the crew know that you had purchased race morning packet pickup because they may have already pulled those aside. If you decided to pick up your child’s packet early, there are no refunds for the race morning packet pickup fee.
  • What is the race schedule? 
  • Where do I park? 
    • We have secured the Typhoon Texas Waterpark parking lot for all event parking.
  • Where should I go when I arrive? 
    • Once you park at Typhoon Texas Waterpark take your bike and other equipment directly to the transition area in the Typhoon Texas parking lot, see RACE SITE MAP for details.
  • Can I go into transition to help my child? 
    • One parent will be allowed to enter transition with their child to help setup the transition area. Once transition closes before the start of the race, no parents will be allowed into the transition area until after the race. NO PARENTS ARE ALLOWED IN TRANSITION DURING THE RACE.
  • How do I setup my transition area? 
    • Here is a short YouTube video overviewing the transition area and how to set it up. There are many other videos available so please search and watch a few of them if you are unfamiliar with triathlon and transitions. Please note that we did not produce the linked video, we will work on getting videos custom for this event going into next year. 
  • How deep is the lazy river?
    • The lazy river at Typhoon Texas is between 30"-40" deep and approximately 12' wide.
  • How safe is the course? 
    • We take your child's safety very seriously and our goal is for everyone to have a great time while maintaining a healthy and safe environment. We are known for going above and beyond what is required by certification and sanctioning organizations at our events. To ensure a safe course for everyone please make sure you always pay attention to where you are walking and always listen to instructions provided by course officials, race staff, volunteers, and event security. EVEN IF THE RATIONALE FOR THE INSTRUCTIONS IS NOT IMMEDIATELY APPARENT TO YOU, OUR CREW MAINTAINS A TOP-LEVEL VIEW OF THE EVENT AS A WHOLE SO WE CAN MAINTAIN COURSE SAFETY.
    • Our safety and course crew includes the following:
      • 5 certified medical professionals with a minimum of EMT certification
      • 5-10 certified lifeguards provided by Typhoon Texas Waterpark
      • 2 SAG (support and gear) vehicles
      • Certified bike mechanics
      • 6 course marshals who will be reporting to 1 USAT head official
      • Nearly 20 race crew and coordinators overseeing various aspects of the race site
      • Over 100 volunteers stationed at strategic points on the course and throughout the race site
  • When can I get my child's bike after the race? 
    • Transition will be opening as soon as the last cyclist has exited transition and started their run. The child or the parent/guardian with the numbered wristband will need to be present so we can verify race and bike numbers.
  • Will you watch my child's bike/transition equipment while we're in the park after the race? 
    • Starting with early bike check-in we will be security to watch over your child's bike until the race ends. Once the race ends you MUST pick up your child's bike prior to enjoying the waterpark. By 9:30am all participants must have all bikes and gear cleared out of the transition area.
  • What swim gear will my child need? 
    • Your child will need goggles and the provided swim cap.
  • What bike gear will my child need?
    • You child will need a bike, helmet, and shoes.
  • What run gear will my child need? 
    • You child will need running shoes and we'd recommend a race belt to hold their run number.
  • Can my child wear floaties or other floatation device during the swim?
    • No. Per USAT rules, no floatation devices, gloves, or shoes are allowed during the swim.
  • Can my child wear gloves or shoes during the swim? 
    • No. Per USAT rules, no floatation devices, gloves, or shoes are allowed during the swim.
  • Do I need to buy special cloths for the race? 
    • No. Many athletes will wear normal play items while participating. Please keep in mind that there is no place to completely change clothes so they should be able to wear the items through all three events; swim, bike, and run.
  • Do I need to buy a special bike? 
    • No. Your child's normal bike will work just fine.
  • Can my child use training wheels during the bike? 
    • No. Training wheels are not allowed per USAT rules. Any bikes with training wheels will have to have them removed prior to being allowed into transition.
  • What my child use aerobars during the bike? 
    • No. Aerobars are not allowed in youth events per USAT rules. Any bikes with aerobars will have to have them removed prior to being allowed into transition.
  • Can my child use disk wheels during the bike? 
    • No. Disc wheels are not allowed in youth events per USAT rules. Disc wheels will have to be removed prior to being allowed into transition.
  • Can my child run barefoot? 
    • No, shoes must be worn on the bike and the run for your child's safety and per USAT rules.
  • What's Early Bike Check-in? 
    • Early bike check-in is where we allow kids to bring their bikes to the transition area the day before the race at designated times. See EARLY BIKE CHECK-IN page for details and the SCHEDULE OF EVENTS page for times and locations.
  • Can we set up our transition area during early bike check-in? 
    • No, only bikes will be allowed into the transition area during early bike check-in.
  • Will there be anyone to help me find my child's transition spot? 
    • Yes, we will have staff on-hand to inspect your child’s bike and provide any assistance needed.
  • Will there be security overnight to watch my child's bike? 
    • Yes, we will have security overnight to keep an eye on everything. 
  • Inspection? What will be inspected? 
    • We'll be making sure the bike has functional brakes and meet the event rules regarding no training wheels, aerobars, or disc wheels. We'll also be checking to make sure bar end plugs are installed.
  • How long will the park rides be open after the event each day? 
    • On Saturday, the waterpark will open for private admission once the event concludes and the race equipment is removed from inside the waterpark and will remain open based on the waterpark's published schedule, https://www.typhoontexas.com/houston
    • On Sunday, the waterpark will open for public admission once the event concludes and the race equipment is removed from inside the waterpark. The waterpark will remain open based on their published schedule, https://www.typhoontexas.com/houston.
  • Do I need to purchase tickets for the  after-race park opening? 
    • One ticket is included in the registration fee for the participant to use after the race. Additional tickets may be purchased either as an add-on during race registration or at the ticket office on the day of the event. If you have purchased season tickets to the waterpark, you can use those on SUNDAY ONLY.
  • What if I just want to hang out in the park after the race with my child? Do I need to still purchase additional tickets? 
    • Yes, you will either need to purchase additional tickets or utilize your already purchased season tickets (Sunday only).
  • I've already bought my season tickets, can I just used those instead of buying more tickets? 
    • For Saturday, because it is a private waterpark day, Season Tickets are not valid for entry into the park during the private entry time. 
    • For Sunday, Season Tickets can be used for entry into the park.
  • What if I want to race on Sunday but come to the park on Saturday or vice versa? 
    • Included and additionally purchased tickets can be used on either Saturday or Sunday. 
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