Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon

Sat April 17 - Sun April 18, 2021 Katy, TX 77494 US Directions
Race Course

We have created a live Race Site Map that includes important information about the race site and parking details. The live Race Site Map provides the most up-to-date information about the race site so please save the link for use on race morning. If you have location services enabled on your mobile device you should be able to see where you are in relation to the race site. 




The illustrated maps are created to give a graphical representation of the race site and courses. These take longer to update and may not be as accurate as the live Race Site Map linked above. You can view images of the course maps below or download a pdf but clicking the link at the bottom of this page. 

TTKT Course Map

TTKT Run Course




Both Junior and Senior Bike Courses use the lazy river with the current turned off. Depth is 36"-42" throughout. Juniors swim counterclockwise around the lazy river to the exit point approximately 125-meters from the start. Seniors swim clockwise around the lazy river to the exit which is approximately 225-meters away. Both Juniors and Seniors start and finish in the same location but go different directions around the river.


The swim start will stage all athletes in the transition area and a line will be formed by race number and will be walked over to the swim start area by the race crew.

When registering, parents will select an option for their child's swimming ability that we will use to assign the athlete race numbers along with the child's ago. For example, 10-years will be assigned number 1-100 with those selecting the "advanced swimming ability" as the lower numbers, "intermediate swimming ability" as the middle numbers, and "beginner swimming ability" as the higher numbers. 

This is a time trial start. This means your child's time starts when they cross the timing mat. 



The bike course is completely closed to vehicles utilizing two-thirds of the outer mall loop. Riders will have two wide smooth lanes on the way out, and the same on the way back. Riders are separated by a large cone line down one mile and back. Juniors do one out-and-back loop, Seniors complete two. All Seniors will be directed to u-turn just before they get back to transition. Once u-turned all Senior riders must go back over the timing mat. All athletes should keep cones on their left at all times.


Transition will have clearly marked ins and out (swim in, bike in, bike out, mount, dismount, run out) distinguished by 20-foot red flags. All bikes should be racked in transition by the seat (or kickstand) facing out the direction their number is facing. Every athlete has a specifically assigned spot in transition that matches their race number. All athletes must have their numbers on their bikes to enter it into transition. Other required numbers include the bike helmet number, run bib number, and temporary tattoos on the child's arms. One parent is allowed to accompany their child pre-race into transition. When transition closing announcements are made all parents and athletes must clear transition. After that, the only people allowed in transition are athletes, volunteers, staff, and officials. Bikes cannot be claimed until the last rider has finished and exited transition for the run. We will announce when transition is open to retrieve bikes. ALL BIKES & OTHER EQUIPMENT MUST BE REMOVED FROM TRANSITION BY THE TIME NOTED ON THE EVENT SCHEDULE. ANY BIKES/EQUIPMENT LEFT AFTER THAT TIME MAY BE MOVED TO ANOTHER UNPROTECTED LOCATION SO WE CAN SET UP FOR THE NEXT EVENT.



Athletes enter the run course from the back of transition and head straight down the parking lot in from of Typhoon Texas. Athletes will head eastbound on Katy Mills Drive and enter the Typhoon Texas Waterpark parking lot from Katy Mills Drive. Juniors (short course) runners will continue straight in front of the Waterpark and loop around the field south of Typhoon Texas where they will loop around and enter the Waterpark from the side walk next to transition. Seniors (long course) follow the same route as the short course with an additional out and back on Star Ln. Both courses will enter the Waterpark through the front entrance where all runners will run the perimeter and enter the splash pad area from side of the park running across bridges and over the lazy river where athletes will still be swimming. From there athletes will run across the splash pad and to the main road where they will finish in front of their friends and family. 


The finish line is marked with a large inflatable and fencing leading in for about 1/10th of a mile. Once across the line athletes will turn in their ankle strap and receive their medal. Water and Gatorade will also be available in the finish chute. All athletes will then be directed into the KIDS CORRAL where they will wait until a parent/guardian, wearing a matching wristband comes to claim them. There will be race staff and uniformed police officers at the entrance/exit for the KIDS CORRAL.


The post race area will have food, drink, music, seating, and awards. Each registered participant will receive a included meal at no additional charge. All spectators (friends and family) may purchase food and drink from the park concessions which will be open throughout the event.



The Splash & Dash course will follow the same route at the short course with a 125-meter swim and 1 mile run. The athlete will utilize the same start line, same transition, and same finish line as the triathlon. 

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