Onurmark believes in giving athletes of all ages and skill levels a competitive advantage and we encourage you to strive for and reach your peak level of performance. In addition to providing you an excellent race experience, we are excited to support your racing success through our fund raising program, the Onurmark Giving Challenge powered by Reason2Race

We have found that there is at least one characteristic that all athletes share, the desire to reach our finish line. Most often we have different motivations for doing so, yet we all have the same end result in mind. Participating in the Onurmark Giving Challenge will provide you yet another way to reach that goal. Through this challenge, you will be able to share your racing goal with your friends, family and community in a way you never have before. You make them part of your journey and part of your success. You experience what most of us have at one point or another in that sharing your goals with others helps to make them happen!

With this challenge, we invite you to choose a Reason2Race. You may select one of our partner charities (click image below), or race for any charity of your choosing. Whatever your goal is for endurance sports: doing your first 5k or Olympic Triathlon, beating last year’s time or setting your PR (personal record), take the Onurmark Giving Challenge and share your goal(s) with your community and friends. Watch how including others in your journey helps your dreams become reality!

How it works in 3 easy steps.

  • Step #1 - Register for the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon
  • Step #2 - Setup your donation page. 
  • Step #3 - Email, blog, post to social media, and talk up your page to get as much support as possible and raise funds. 

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Again we invite you to take the Onurmark Giving Challenge and choose a Reason2Race. Pick one of our partner charities (click image below), or race for any charity of your choosing. Please contact us at info@reason2race.com to add your charity to our list.